All our sausages are home made on the premises using the finest ingredients.

Although we always have a wide range of traditional and speciality sausages available we simply do not have space for all of them at one time.  If you require a specific sausage please call before you come so we can make sure we make a fresh batch for when you visit us.

Traditional Sausages  
Traditional Plain pork sourced from Woods Farm, Oxfordshire
Chipolatas Same as traditional, but thinner therefore ideal for breakfast
Cumberland Pork with mixed herbs and a hint of black pepper
Lincolnshire Pork with mixed herbs and a hint of lemon zest

Speciality Sausages

Bacon, Leek & Pork Pork sausage with fine cut leeks with cured bacon
Blue Stilton Pork with Colston Bassett Matured Stilton
Caramelised Onion Pork with roasted onions & Demerara sugar
Caribbean Pork with fruits and spices
Chicken, Lemon & Coriander Chicken with lemon and coriander and naturally a lower fat option
Chinese plum pork Pork with Chinese five spice
Honey & Mustard Pork mixed with honey and mustard
Honey Roast Pork Roast pork with a hint of honey
Hot & Spicy Pork with fiery hot chillis!
Marmite Pork with Marmite…. love it or hate it!
Merguez Lamb and beef highly spiced with paprika, chilli and garlic
Popeye Pork with fresh spinach and cheddar cheese
Pork & Apple Pork with apple chunks, cider and sage
Sticky Maple Pork with smoke hickory and sticky maple
Toulouse Pork with red wine, garlic and parsley
Venison Venison with herbs and black pepper (When in Season,  Autumn)