Our pork is from pigs bred in Oxfordshire who are fed naturally, with no antibiotics or hormones.  The healthy outdoor lifestyle and natural diet produces tender pork, with a superior flavour.


Loin Chops – A tender cut with a distinctive taste, this cut tends to be the most popular as it is suitable for grilling and frying.

Loin Steaks – This steak is boneless and without rind and therefore suitable for quick and easy dinners

Belly Slices – A cut that is full of taste whether cooked fast or slow

Tenderloin – This tender, yet lean cut is suitable for roasting, frying and grill which makes it incredibly versatile and easy to cook



Loin – This is a prime roasting cut and is available on or off the bone

Shoulder – This cut has a excellent balance of fat and meat, which creates superior flavours

Belly – This cut is ideal for slow-roasting

Leg – This economical cut is suitable for both fast and slow roasting


Also Available

Spare Ribs – Suitable for roasting or grilling, perfect for many Asian inspired marinades and side dishes

Diced Pork – Some of our finest pork cuts, diced so that it can be easily used for stir-frys, fajitas and kebabs

Mince Pork – Available on request, great when used in conjunction with mince beef in lasagne, but wonderfully tasty when used on its own for a twist on the traditional cottage pie



Chinese Pork Kebabs – A tender pork fillet marinaded with fresh mixed peppers on skewers. Great for the BBQ or the Oven

Chinese Pork Ribs – Meaty pork ribs in a distinctive Chinese 5 Spice glaze.  Great for the BBQ or the Oven

Granny’s Pork Loin – Finest pork loin with apple, apricots and sage

Hog & Hop Ribs – A meaty pork rib with a wheat hop marinade

Honey Roast Ribs – A meaty pork rib with a honey roast glaze

Jack Daniels Ribs – Meaty pork ribs in a smokey sauce and Jack Daniels Whiskey

Pork Schnitzel – Pork tenderloin flattened and covered in bread crumbs

Pork, Pate & Mushroom Parcels – Pork lined with pate and mushrooms

Stuffed Loin of Pork – A loin of pork stuffed with stuffing and grated apples

Thai Pork Loin Sticks – Pork Loin marinaded in a spicey Thai sauce, great for the BBQ or grill

We have a wide range of our speciality pork dishes available at all times, but feel free to call ahead to ensure we have just what you are looking for

You will find more pork dishes in our oven ready section