Due to various game seasons, some products may not always be available or only available on request, so please do call ahead if you request any game meat in paticular.

Venison – Locally Sourced

Loin – A tender cut with  distinctive taste.  Suitable for roasting  or pan frying

Haunch – A cut perfect for roasting, available on or off the bone

Shoulder – This rich cut is ideal for stews and pies

Venison Burger – Finely minced venison mixed with a herbs

Feathered – Locally Sourced

Pheasant  – Available from October to February, a lean meat, great for roasting

Partridge – Available on request from September to February, a perfect portion for one, with a distinctive yet delicate taste

Grouse – Available on request from August to December, a rich, gamey tasting bird

Wood Pigeon – Available on request all year round, good value for money yet still flavoursome and rich

Mallard – Available on request September to January, an excellent bird for roasting

Quail – Available on request all year round, a lean yet tender little bird can be grilled, fried, roasted or braised


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