Here at Hall’s we offer a wide range of traditional, anti-biotic free, free range and organic chickens.

Whole Birds

Poultry Cuts

All cuts are available in any of our poultry varieties

Breast Fillet – Skinless and boneless

Leg – Thigh and drumstick





Also Available – 



Diced Chicken



Cambazola Chicken – A chicken breast filled stuffed with a creamy blue cheese and covered in bacon

Chicken Kebabs – Cubes of chicken breast on skewers with mixed peppers

Chicken Kiev – Chicken Breast filled with butter, garlic and herbs

Chicken Spatchcock – Chicken breast fillet coated with Italian herb and oil marinade

Chicken Stir Frys – Choose from a range of chicken stir frys including Teriyaki and Meditaranian

Chicken Suprise – Chicken Breast fillet stuffed with hot chorizo sausage with a garlic oil glaze

Chinese Chicken – A whole chicken breast skewered in a sweet spicey glaze with a distinctive aniseed flavour

Greek Style Chicken – A chicken breast filled with garlic, herbs & feta cheese

Gruyee Cheese Chicken – A chicken breast stuffed with Gruyee cheese and spring onions

Peppered Chicken – A chicken breast coated in a hot and peppery crust

Smokey BBQ Chicken – A chicken breast skewered and marinated in a distinctive BBQ sauce comprising of tomato, mixed herbs and spices

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken – A chicken breast stuffed with houlumi cheese, sun dried tomatoes and bacon

Tandoori Chicken – A whole leg of chicken in a hot spicey glaze cardamom & Lemon

We have a wide range of our speciality chicken dishes available at all times, but feel free to call ahead to ensure we have just what you are looking for

You will find more chicken dishes in our oven ready section