Here at Halls we purchase our beef from Scotch Premier which breeds the finest quality Scotch Beef in the British Isles. Scotch Premier Meat has been a Royal Warrant holder to HM The Queen since 1979 and livestock purchased are raised on the lush, mineral-rich pastures of the North-east, which are ideal for rearing some of the world’s finest animals.

The unrivalled reputation of Scotch Premier Beef has been built on a rich heritage of Scottish farmers producing superior quality beef. The breeding skills of Scotland’s master breeders are matched only by the farmer’s expertise in raising cattle on Scotland’s lush, natural pastures. It is the natural environment of the Scottish countryside that provides that extra special ingredient which gives Scotch Premier Beef its unique blend of succulence, flavour and tenderness.

All our beef is tracable so feel free to ask where your meat has come from.

Beef Products


Joints Top-side– Easy to carve and incredibly lean

Ribs of beef– One of the tastiest cuts, cut and trimmed to your specification

Rolled Sirloin– The most popular roasting joint, juicy, tender and full of flavour

Fillet – The leanest and tenderest of all cuts. Easy to carve and perfect for special occasions

All of the above are perfect for that traditional Sunday lunch

Cold cuts of beef are also available and taste superb in sandwiches.

In addition, brisket is also available for pot roasting.

Steaks Sirloin– The most popular of our steaks, perfect for both grilling and fryingFillet – Possibly the most tender steak you’ll ever taste

Rib Eye–  Also tender, but with the added bonus of generous marbling which provides extra flavour

T-Bone– Tasty sirloin and tender fillet cut together on the bone

Rump – A lean cut with at a reasonable price

From Rump to Sirloin, high quality steaks are available all year round.



Mince Beef – Our lean Scotch mince beef is available both fine and course cut.  We use this luxury mince in all our home made cottage pies, Cornish pasties and beef sausages, ensuring that even quick and easy meals have the unique taste and quality of Scotch beef.

Oxtail – The perfect cut for soups and casaroles

Diced Beef – Our lean Scotch beef diced great for stews, kebabs and stir-frys.  Also delicious when used instead if mince beef in chilli’s

Shin of Beef – Available on or off the bone, perfect for slow cooking in stews and stews

Beef Burgers

Our homemade beef burgers are made using lean cuts of Scotch beef and fresh onion.  They are suitable for the BBQ, grilling, oven cooking and griddling.

Available all year round and suitable for home freezing, they really are the best burger you’ll ever taste!

Why not try out Deluxe Cheese Burger, a homemade beef burger and cheese all encased in puff pastry…. much more exciting than a bun!

Specials Firey Steak Sticks– Pieces of steak marinated in a chilli and herb oil

Peppered Beef Burgers– Our classic beef burger with a spicey pepper coating

Chilli Beef Burgers – Our classice beef burger infused with chillis

Beef & Horsradish Roulade – A joint of beef rolled with a beef and horsradish stuffing

Merlin Rib Eye – Tender Scotch Rib of Beef marinated in paprika, herbs and black pepper

Mini Beef Wellington – Scotch Fillet Steak covered in pâté and encased in puff pastry

We have a wide range of our speciality beef dishes available at all times, but feel free to call ahead to ensure we have just what you are looking for

You will find more beef dishes in our oven ready section

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